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How Does An Ipod Work

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When I was a young lad I could never have imagined that there would be websites devoted to the question of how does an ipod work. In fact, looking back to my youth what on earth was a website for that matter. Instead of asking how does an ipod work, shouldn’t we be starting with – what is an ipod?           

Ipods And How They Work

How Does An Ipod Work

So before we get down to the nitty gritty’s of how does an ipod work let us take a trip down memory lane to the distant past all those years ago (only joking) and remember when the ipod first made an appearance. It was the 23rd October 2001 when the ipod was first released to be precise. A lot has happened since then but let us first consider how it all started before we get into the real issues of how does an ipod work and all the other interesting ipod info.

In the music universe, being number one means having the best of everything. From storage space and versatility to style and functionality, engineers have been moving towards the realization of that need. Not since the mp3 players and ipods have we seen the most amazing array of music devices available for audiophiles and techno rats.

It is interesting to note that MP3 players and ipods, as designed by Apple, have always been mistaken for each other. And as hard as the brand managers try to differentiate their product from competitors, society has the last say on which product makes it and what its nickname will eventually become. MP3 players and ipods started out fairly the same; both are portable, audio players designed to eliminate the need for compact discs. MP3 players and ipods play a variety of music file formats from WAV, MP3, WMA, and MPEG to name a few. Both can also work as file storage devices.

However, MP3 players are flash drive storage devices only. They have a limited capacity of up to 1 GB whereas ipods give the user a choice between a flash drive and a hard drive that can store up to 60 GB in memory size.

The competition between MP3 players and ipods extend to the capabilities of the devices. The features offered by MP3 players include an audio player, storage device, voice recorder telephone directory and an FM radio.

Though it sounds like a fully loaded car, you are actually limited in terms of accessories. The wildest thing you can do to MP3 players is change the neck strap. Ipods have a wider selection and gives you more freedom to personalize it. Aside from being audio players, there are ipods that can show your pictures with its small LCD display. And with the latest ipods that play videos, you will always have something to keep you company on those stormy nights, alone in the car.

Ipods also give its user the freedom to dress up or dress down their units. There are websites that offer stick-on covers for ipods like the ones at or Ipods can also be used as a slight PDA since some fanatics have tinkered with these digital players and used it to upload their address book and calendar from their computer.

Other accessories available to this device include waterproof cases, headphones, dock, speakers, a home clock/radio system, battery pack, cassette adaptor, media reader and FM transmitters. The list goes on and on as more people find ways to enjoy their ipods.

With technology changing as often as the months do, it is no wonder that the once prized MP3 players are now only second – bit players to ipods. From just being portable audio devices, they have come out of our pockets and have invaded clubs. The most favorite accessories of hardcore music junkies are these docks that serves as a “mixing table” for tunes right from their ipods’ playlist.

Club disc jockeys have a field day with this device since they can create new dance floor beats with their trusty ipods bringing in the crowd thus spawning a new generation of digital mixers. Even club patrons can get into the action by downloading their favorite tunes and taking it to the mixing table for a spin.

MP3 players are not yet obsolete. It still is the next best thing to ipods and as long as there are people willing to make do without the extra features, MP3 players will always be around. If you are tight on the budget but would still like to carry your tunes around without lugging the heavy compact discs then this is the device for you.

Yet, hands down to the winner of this clash of the best audio device – the ipods. More than a just an audio player, ipods have established itself as the icon of the digital age. Its popularity, ease of use and huge potential has taken the music industry by storm. It has taken a life of its own because it has created numerous gadgets and applications that appeal to the geeks, yuppies, artists and fashionistas.  As more and more people fall in love with ipods, engineers will continue to work and deliver us the accessories that we can use to fully enhance our beloved toys.

Ipod Reviews

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Reviews on the iPod. There are many things that people say about apple ipods. iPod reviews are posted all over the Internet and there will always be good or bad reviews available for the interested reader.

Here are some of the summarized iPod reviews available on the Internet:

Pros of iPod

Throughout the years, music lovers have acknowledged the crisp sound produced by the Apple iPod. iPod reviews have always attempted to describe the different music experience is always felt by the listener and every record song seems to be played live. Aside from this, here are the features that people have written in their iPod reviews. Things that they love about Apple iPod:

1. Apple iPod reviews claimed that the hard drive can hold more than five thousand songs. Now, this number of songs is enough that a user would not be able to listen to the same song twice.

2. Apple iPod reviews reveals that the hard drive boasts of a forty gigabytes of storage space.  

3. Apple iPod reviews comes with an ergonomic design which is the Click Wheel. Using the Click Wheel, users can easily browse through the controls of either fast forward, play, reverse, pause and stop. Apple iPod users can even access the menus using the Click Wheel.

4. Apple ipod reviews also counted the long battery life of up to 12 hours as very helpful to the image of Apple iPod. What is the use of storing about 5 thousand songs inside teh Apple iPod if the battery would not last until all the songs have been played.

5. Apple iPod reviews also listed the capability of users to set up play lists on the Apple iPod. 

6. Apple ipod reviews also lists the shuffle function as one of the most notable function of the iPod. It creates a sense of randomness in the play list avoiding boredom for the user.

7. Apple iPod reviews revealed that the Apple iPOd is an excelent audio player. This is due to four reasons:

a. The menu system of the Apple iPod is super-intuitive.

b. The sound quality is great. Although, other users contend that the Apple iPod would be better sounding through the use of other headphones.

c. The storage size for the Apple iPod relative to its size is a bonus.

d. Lastly, but definitely not the least, they consider this the most important; thousands of accessories of the Apple iPod to choose from.

Cons of iPods

1. Apple iPod reviews revealed that post sales services of the Apple iPod are not good. The service warranty of Apple iPods does not cover “abuse,” which by itself is a very general term. Service stores of the Apple iPods sometimes argue that the malfunctioning of the iPods was caused by the abuse of the user.

2. Apple iPod reviews have also revealed posts that after the warranty of the iPod expired, weird things started to happen to the iPod. The Apple iPod is supposed to be skip-free, with enough battery life to last and a robust hard drive.

After the warranty year, however, it was reported that the ipod started skipping, the hard drive usually failed and the battery life suddenly became somewhat shorter.

3. Apple iPod reviews have also revealed that the Apple iPod seem to have a software bug or design flaw. Tracks being played are meant to flow continuously from one track to the next. The Apple iPod, however, sometimes blanks out for a moment between tracks.

4. Apple iPod reviews also revealed that users wish that Apple would make the video player more perfect. Doing so would shatter the competition and make Apple iPod the number one music player.

5. Apple iPod reviews also mentioned that users have an occasional problem with the iTunes. Also, the computer which has a MAC OS sometimes have difficulty recognizing the iPod when plugged. It also occassionally freezes up. 

6. Apple iPod reviews also revealed that Apple iPod are easily affected by static inside a coat pocket. This cause the Apple iPod to randomly switch off occassionally.

7. Apple iPod reviews also discussed that the battery life expectancy of the Apple iPod is realistic only if the user would avoid using the back light and the equalizer of the device.

Based from the Apple iPod reviews, the music lovers uses other products simsilar to the Apple iPod such as Creative Jukebox 3, Nuvo MP3 players, Archous Jukebox, Rio, Fist MP3 player, Creative Muvo2. Creative Zen Xtra, Creative Zen Touch, Sony minidisc player, Siemens SL-45 MP3 player, and Sony WM-D6 Pro.

The Apple iPod Mini

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Owners of the original Apple iPod clamors for more from the makers of the iPod music experience.  

The latest ipod player available in the market comes in a smaller and leaner frame, and is marketed in a rainbow of colors. This is the Apple iPod mini. 

The Apple iPod mini has a platform of MAC or Windows OS. Some original Apple iPod users have already seen the Apple iPod mini with a new four gigabytes harddrive space for a US$ 249 price tag. It is not a secret that an additional of US$ 50 will get you a fifteen gigabytes iPod that would store somewhere around 2,700 more music files. That is a lot more than the Apple ipod mini.

This is because harddrive space is so much important for Apple iPod users, the original Apple iPod have so much space available to the user of about forty gigabytes. This amount of space can store more than five thousand songs. Aside from this, the original Apple iPod also has a longer battery life.

However, criticisers should consider the frame of the Apple iPod mini. It is slender and is more styled, that which made it seem more functional and more attractive to the eyes and has a more ergonomic feel to the fingers. To most people, it would not be the ideal music player, but to the 99,000 or so Apple iPod mini users, they beg to disagree.
The Too Sexy Apple iPod Mini 

The Apple iPod mini is compared to a US$ 1,200 purse from Chanel. This is because the US$ 249 Apple iPod mini, with its variety of five colors, brings out class and posh.

It has an anodized body made of aluminum and weighs about 3.6 ounces. It measures about 2 inches in width, 3.6 inches in height, and only about half an inch in thickness. It does not look like it at first glance, but the Apple ipod mini is almost like a featherweight than the original Apple iPod.

It is also silky to the touch and smooth. It also fits wonderfully in your palm. This is the reason for the premium price tag.

The Apple iPod mini also has no external moving parts. You will notice that underneath the smaller 1.67-inch LCD screen lie the light touch-sensitive and highly ergonomic Click Wheel. This Click Wheel is the one which incorporates the Apple iPod mini’s other controls. The control’s buttons are located on the pad itself. This is much different than the original Apple iPod’s four function buttons that is located above the scroll pad.

Anyone who is familiar with the software for the iPod knows about the seamless integration of iPod with iTunes. In no time, you would be cruising with the tunes.

The Apple iPod mini behaves just like exactly as other newer generation Apple iPods. It now even packs a battery life of 8 hours. The original Apple iPods have a longer battery life.

Besides the smaller physical dimensions and the new warm minimalist choices of color, which can be gold, silver, pink, green and blue. A major difference observed between the original Apple iPod and the Apple iPod mini is the harddrive space capacity.

The Apple iPod mini has a tiny Hitachi harddrive that can hold about four gigabytes of music. Music files include AAC, Audible, MP3, WAV and AIFF. This is enough storage for a number of Apple iPod mini users.

Apple iPod users usually prefer to carry an entire library of music any time of the day. Rather than manually selecting and transferring specific songs to the Apple iPod mini. The Apple iPod mini can only hold as much as a fraction of the forty gigabytes music collection.

The Apple iPod mini also has accessories that include the earbuds, a USB 2.0 cable and a FireWire dock connector, an AC adaptor, a belt clip, and the Apple iPod mini software.

The Apple iPod mini could have been more lenient by adding a dock or armband to teh package.

The US$ 29 armband is a great help for joggers who want to listen to good music while jogging and carrying the very lightweight and effectively skip-free Apple iPod mini.


To summarize, the Apple iPod mini has a sleek styling, it is a small size and has an excellent integrated Click wheel. It has a possible disadvantage to the user, though, that is the price per megabyte which is much higher as compared to the original Apple iPod.